Automatic Sliding Doors

We service and install automatic sliding doors in Pittsburgh, Western PA, and West Virginia.

Our commercial sliding doors add professionalism and convenience to your entryways. Start welcoming visitors with hands free accessibility, using state of the art technology and design.

Our experts can help you choose the right sliding door system.

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1. Single Sliding Doors

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2. Bi-part Sliding Doors

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3. Telescopic Doors

Automatic Sliding Door Installation in a retail store

We have the sliding door solution for your commercial property.

Our happy clients include some of the regions largest hospitals, universities, and retail stores.


Automated Entrance Systems ™ installs commercial sliding doors in all types of facilities across Pittsburgh, Western Pennsylvania and West Virginia. You can find our automatic sliding doors in:
  • hospitals
  • universities
  • airports
  • grocery stores
  • retail centers
  • hotels
  • apartment buildings

and many more places…

We also provide 5 star, 24-hour repair and maintenance service on all brands of automatic sliding doors.
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Single Sliding Doors

A single automatic sliding door has one active leaf and one sidelite. Capable of being installed where space may be limited.
Single Slide Narrow Stile
Frame Width84″ 108″
Clear Opening35.25″47.25″
See the videos below under Bi-part Sliding Doors. The illustrations and explanations in those videos also pertain to Single Sliding Doors.

Bi-part Sliding Doors

A bi-part automatic sliding door unit has two active leafs and two sidelites. Suitable for larger openings and providing more opening width.
Bi-part Narrow Stile
Frame Width96″ 192″
Clear Opening36″84″

Telescopic Sliding Doors

Telescopic sliding doors increase clear door opening widths by 33% and are available in smaller sizes than standard single or bi-parting units. Telescopic doors come in both single (3 panel) and bi-parting (6 panel) configurations.

Telescopic Bi-part Narrow Stile
Frame Width120″ 192″
Clear Opening59 3/16″107 3/16″
Telescopic Single Narrow Stile
Frame Width72″ 144″
Clear Opening36 7/16″84 7/16″

Get expert help with your automatic sliding door installation.

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