Activation & Safety Devices

Over the years there have been many advancements in the technology used for activating your automatic doors and providing safety during their opening and closing cycles. As the codes and standards change, some of your older devices may no longer meet the current requirements. AES offers sensor upgrades to your existing automatic doors to ensure they both meet the current standards and are keeping your doors as safe as possible.

Knowing Act activation icon

Knowing Act Activation

All low energy door operators require Knowing Act activation per ANSI A156.19, but any automatic door can use these devices where cross traffic could cause undesirable door openings. Push buttons, wave to open switches, and vertical actuation bars provide a wide variety of configurations.

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Motion Activation

Motion detector activation provides hands free opening of your automatic door allowing for ease of use and seamless traffic flow.

Motion Activation Devices


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Safety Devices

Automatic door safety devices are required on all full automatic doors per ANSI A156.10, but also highly recommended by AES on all low energy door operators.

Swing Door Safety Devices


Sliding Door Safety Device


Get expert help installing the latest safety and activation devices.

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